Factors affecting retailing ppt

To modify their buying behaviour, the product prices are set less. Buying behavior differs in people depending on the various cultures they are brought up in and different demographics they come from.

With the emergence of consumerism, the retailer faces a more knowledgeable and demanding consumer. With rising consumer demand and greater disposable income has given opportunity of retail industry to grow and prosper.

Analysis on the performance of different sectoral equities traded on Nifty Junior. Rising income levels and education have contributed to the evolution of new retail structure.

What is Consumer Behaviour - Meaning and Important Concepts

Why do you think an individual buys a product. This further is responsible for boosting organised retailing.

Identifying the market in which to locate the store.

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Retail Industry, one of the fastest changing and vibrant industries that, has contributed to the economic growth of our country. Technological Factors Technological microenvironmental factors affecting the clothing industry include availability of resources, demand and production.

The variable costs include varying costs of raw material and costs depending upon the volume of production. In India the number of middle class consumer is growing rapidly. Government rules and regulation about manufacturing and announcement of administered prices can increase the price of the product.

The Macroenvironmental Factors Affecting the Clothing Industry

If the objective is to increase return on investment, then the company may charge a higher price. Computer companies -- such as Dell -- offer recycling programs as well. Oganised retail deals in high volume and are able to enjoy economies of large scale production and distribution.

It clarifies what employees are supposed to do if selected for that particular job opening. Consumer Factors Consumer microenvironmental factors include cultures, norms, lifestyle, demographics and population changes.

Personal Elements Here is how the personal elements change buying behavior: For example, a professional earning handsome pay package would not hesitate to buy an iPhone6 but a taxi driver in India would buy a low-cost mobile.

A report on the correlation of Indian markets with dollar price. A business districts can be a central, secondary or a Neighborhood business district. Consumers often shop for cheaper brands when they have less disposable income.

10 Major Factors Responsible for the Growth of Organised Retailing in India

These factors affect the clothing industry in different ways. These groups have prominent effects on the buying behavior. Social Status Social status is nothing but a position of the customer in the society.

Growing consumerism would be a key driver for organized retail in India. Customers often make purchase decisions by particular motives such as natural force of hunger, thirst, need of safety, to name a few.

The deeper the level of channels, the higher would be the product prices. Example - Tom might purchase a tricycle for his son or Mike might buy a shirt for himself. Union workers in clothing manufacturing plants may picket their employers, especially if their wages or medical benefits are less favorable than workers in comparable industries.

Purpose of Job Specification Described on the basis of job description, job specification helps candidates analyze whether are eligible to apply for a particular job vacancy or not.

Step involved in choosing a Retail Location In order to arrive at the decision on where to locate the retail store a retailer needs to first on the region that he wants to locate the store. When the product is accepted and established in the market, the company increases the price.

For example, property tax. Who is a Consumer. It helps in attracting, targeting, recruiting and selecting the right candidate for the right job. Secondary Business District are composed of unplanned cluster of store often located on a major intersection of city they a customers from a large part of the city 11 Part of a Shopping Center Planned Shopping Centers A shopping center has been defined as a group of retail and other commercial establishments that is planneddeveloped, owned and managed as a single property The basic configuration of a shopping centre is a Mall or Strip centre.

Customers of different lifestyles choose different products within the same culture. Customers with high personal awareness, confidence, adaptability, and dominance are too choosy and take time while selecting a product but are quick in making a buying decision.

The major factors responsible for the growth of organised retailing in India are as follows: Organised retailing is a recent development. It is the outcome of socio­economic factors.

India is standing on the threshold of retail revolution. Retail Industry, one of the fastest changing and vibrant. External Factors External prices that influence retail prices include the following: • Competition: In the case of high competition, the prices may be set low to face the competition effectively, and if there is less competition, the prices may be kept high.

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SUPRABHAT External factors that effect retail Industry • Social – how consumers, households and communities behave and their beliefs. For instance, changes in. I need a word document and ppt project on subject of Systematic Investment Plan as a stability builder for the retail investor.

FACTORS AFFECTING INDIAN RETAIL MARKET. international mobile-concrete-batching-plant.com Economic Significance of Retailing in India & Worldwide (1) and buisl sustainable competitive mobile-concrete-batching-plant.comtion The Strategic Retail Planning Process is the set of steps a retailer goes through to develop a strategy and plan.

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Factors affecting retailing ppt
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