Factors affecting english learning language among

The study also reveals that there is no significance difference between male and female because both genders experiencing a similar amount of anxiety in their second language class. Instruments This study employed the use of quantitative research methodology which is questionnaire.

Intrinsic motivation has been found to correlate strongly with educational achievement. Many kinds of people around them. The three main instruments used were a test and a questionnaire for the students and a questionnaire for the teachers.

Factors Affecting the Level of English Proficiency

Parents who prioritize language learning are more likely to push their child to keep trying even when it feels difficult. Students who encounter problems in English language often find it hard to secure a job. It will give him positive impact better than negative ones. Kids learn faster when they feel attracted to an exciting lesson.

Despite learning English for a long period, many local graduates still encounter problems to use the language effectively. Attitude is regarded as one of the main contributing factors to second language learning achievement Spolsky, Personal factors, such as instincts and emotions, and social factors, such as cooperation and rivalry, are directly related to a complex psychology of motivation.

Some culture in Malaysia considered people who speak a foreign language as an outcast as they embraced another culture. The teacher must have good motive to get attention from the students. Attitudes exercise a stimulating effect upon the rate of learning and teaching and upon the progress in school.

Ting, and NurJanah Mohd Jafar Motivation Is the child being forced to learn, or do they want to learn the language.

Clearly, some language teachers are better than others at providing appropriate and effective learning experiences for the students in their classrooms. Figure 1 manifested the first factor which is Language Anxiety. Motivated, older learners can be very successful too, but usually struggle to achieve native-speaker-equivalent pronunciation and intonation.

Students must have both, motivation and attitude in order to ensure a successful language learning experience Thang Siew Ming, Ting Siew Ling, Nurjanah Mohd Jafar, Research Procedures A set of questionnaire were uploaded onto Google Forms and were distributed online through social media.

Despite learning English for almost 10 years in school, the majority of Malaysian students still encounter difficulties in using the language effectively especially in tertiary education. Motivated, older learners can be very successful too, but usually struggle to achieve native-speaker-equivalent pronunciation and intonation.

It is impossible for a teacher with a temper to create enthusiasm and to radiate light and sunshine to those about him. Social discontent springs from the knowledge or delusion that one is below others in welfare.

The first research question aims to discover the contributing factors towards the level of English proficiency among IIUM undergraduate students.

The factors that influence the acquisition of a second language

Recognize socio-cultural factors. Awareness of students’ back-grounds, recognition of their prior literacy experiences, and knowledge Because English language learning is a recursive process, educators should integrate listening, speaking, reading, and writ.

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2 Stefanson, Tara O. Factors Affecting English Language Learners’ Literacy in US Schools Abstract This paper is designed to address the issue of literacy acquisition among high school aged.

Factors Affecting the Level of English Proficiency

Alicia Miller is the Language Development Coordinator at Whitby. Her passion for languages started at age 10 with her first Spanish class and led her to studying Spanish, Russian, Polish, German and. The current study aimed to examine the factors affecting for English language learning motivation of undergraduates by utilizing Dornyei's () L2 Motivational Self System.

The study was conducted among Sri Lankan undergraduates by using an adapted motivation questionnaire. Native language: Students who are learning a second language which is from the same language family as their first language have, in general, a much easier task than those who aren't.

So, for example, a Dutch child will learn English more quickly than a Japanese child.

7 Important Factors that May Affect the Learning Process Factors affecting english learning language among
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