Ancient rome 6 4 chapter assessment

In 21, Junius Blaesus was put in command and succeeded in breaking the back of the insurrection, and in two years peace returned to the province. Tiberius, who remained at Capri until his death in AD 3 7 at the age of seventy-eight, continued to administer the empire through dispatches but often hesitated in making important decisions, and the senate became even more dependent on him.

The battle which resulted was indecisive, Arminius and his Germans Ancient rome 6 4 chapter assessment far from subdued and Germanicus had made only temporary gains. Because of the unreliability of the epigraphy and because of the uncertainty about where "Alyattes I" reigned or whether he even existed, it makes little sense to refer to the historical Alyattes as Alyattes II in describing these coins.

The same is true of modern historians, archeologists, and numismatists who have focused on Lydia, including George M. He was deified and replaced by his younger brother, Domitian.

Diocletian's reign also brought the empire's most concerted effort against the perceived threat of Christianitythe "Great Persecution". However, Augustus was hesitant about invoking the law. Trajan, unlike all his predecessors, was not an Italian, but came from a family of Roman settlers in Spain.

The princeps played the role of " primus inter pares " only through personal self-restraint and decorum. Since no precedent had been set by Augustus, the cases which came before the senate in the time of Tiberius tended to be test cases.

He was murdered by the staff officer who guarded him, supposedly on written instructions from Tiberius. In Umbria, the Imperial cult priest sevir Augustalis memorialised "the providence of Tiberius Caesar Augustus, born for the eternity of the Roman name, upon the removal of that most pernicious enemy of the Roman people".

The early European settlers found cranberries too tart to eat by themselves but made them into pies, puddings, tarts, relishes, preserves, and cranberry sauce. In Further Spain in the 70s BC, loyalist Romans greeted the proconsul Metellus Pius as a savior, burning incense "as if to a god" for his efforts to quash the Lusitanian rebellion led by the Roman Sertoriusa member of the faction which called itself "men of the People" populares.

Although these outbreaks were not personal protests against Tiberius, a change of emperor gave the troops the opportunity to show their dissatisfaction with existing conditions in the army and their concern about future terms of service. Dating The dating of Lydian Lion coins is "the most challenging question in ancient Greek numismatic scholarship," according to Nicholas Cahill and John H.

There is no evidence that he was a brilliant military ommander of the calibre of Alexander, and his actions while in the east show a certain amount of irresponsibility and arrogance.

Ephesus and Sardisancient rivals, had two apiece until the early 3rd century AD, when Ephesus was allowed an additional temple, to the reigning emperor Caracalla. The new Senate had also put up a statue of Caesar, with an inscription declaring him a demi-god, but he had it effaced, as not the claim he wished to make.

Uprisings in the provinces were infrequent, but put down "mercilessly and swiftly" when they occurred. A Greek-speaking majority lived in the Greek peninsula and islandswestern Anatoliamajor cities, and some coastal areas.

There had been some individual cases of independent behaviour in the senate, such as that of the distinguished lawyer, Marcus Antistius Labeo.

Sixth Grade (Grade 6) Roman Empire Questions

Cambridge] Volume Two p. Although his account is undoubtedly exaggerated, some innocent people did lose their lives as a result of the increasing accusations made by the despicable delatores.


There are several recognized varieties. Running the empire was an enormous task; it was not until the time of Claudius that a centralised bureaucracy handled most of the business of empire.

Then the empire stretched from Hadrian's Wall in drizzle-soaked northern England to the sun-baked banks of the Euphrates in Syria; from the great Rhine — Danube river system, which snaked across the fertile, flat lands of Europe from the Low Countries to the Black Seato the rich plains of the North African coast and the luxuriant gash of the Nile Valley in Egypt.

Aelius Sejanus, joint commander of the Guard. Pergamum was usually allied with Rome, and this may have influenced the eventual Roman practice. Increased Responsibilities Under Tiberius the senate became the chief criminal court, particularly for treason trials. He hired a native leader to use the Suebi and Marcomanni to keep watch on the Upper Danube.

Roman jurists also show a concern for local languages such as PunicGaulishand Aramaic in assuring the correct understanding and application of laws and oaths. Botanists and linguists confirm several varieties of berries, from different parts of the northern temperate regions, have been called "cranberry.

7th Grade Medieval World History, Chapter 1: The Legacy of Ancient Rome, by Mr. Bloom Describe the contribution of Roman civilization to law, literature, poetry, art, architecture, engineering, and technology.

Holt Ancient Civilizations Chapter 09 Section 1 Quiz Human Heritage Chapter 10 Quiz: Greek City-states Human Heritage Chapter 11 Quiz: Greek Cultural Contributions. Quia Web allows users to create and share online educational activities in dozens of subjects, including World History.

Students can review the Roman Empire standards (7th grade) using this study guide and shoot for an "A" on this test with answer keys provided (8 pages total = 2 page Study Guide and 2 page test, both with ANSWER KEYS).

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Ancient rome 6 4 chapter assessment
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